Nookie. (36crazyemmas) wrote in pets,

You were always my best friend. You had been in my life since you were a mere twelve weeks old. I spent my childhood growing up with you and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I could always confide in you, could always go to you regardless of the matter, could always cheer myself up by hugging you. Your barmy and, honestly, demented demeanor had me in stitches all of the time. The way you span around when you were excited is one of the many things I'll miss. The utility doesn't smell like wet dog now - and it's just not the same. The day before you passed away, you were nuzzling at mum's sandwich packet in hope that you'd get a bit. Someday, I will get over losing you. But you will always be in my heart, Slobberchops.

Until we meet again, your Emma.
RIP: Monday, 6th June 1996 - Friday, 1st May 2009.
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